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Blatt Entwurf Seife (Set von 2)

Blatt Entwurf Seife (Set von 2) #23573

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Schöne Seifen, tolle Verpackung. Nettes Geschenk!

I purchased only one with my dress order and want to see what it will be. I absolutely love it! It's very beautiful and practical for my wedding. The outer box is also elegant and we don't need to find boxes for them before sending out. I decided to buy more from you. Waiting for my order!

My country is Canada, and it is famous for its maple leaves, the soap is just like the maple leave, like them so much

I just love these soaps!! They are just gorgeous. Very delicately made and the shape, the patterns look real enough as maple leaves. Luckily, I bought more sets of them! My family have already opened and started to use. Everyone loves the soap!

I came from Canada, the soap is just like the maple leaf in our country, thus i love them so much, they are delicate and fragrant.

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