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Cubic Kuchen-Kästen (Satz von 12)

Cubic Kuchen-Kästen (Satz von 12) #24706

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I just got the boxes and I am very satisfied!

I ordered 40 cupcake boxes along with my wedding dress. These boxes are very cute and special and none of them was broken when I received them. By the way, the shipping time is much faster than I expected. My wedding party was perfect. Thank you !

I purchased this transparent cupcake boxes and was so pleased with the product. I am so happy with my purchase! Thank you so much! I would recommend this site to anyone!

Package is great. Order 48 cubic cupcake wrapper and boxes, they are all arrived in good condition. I am so glad. Also the shipping is much faster than I expected. Fully satisfied with the purchase here.

These boxes are as cute as they look in the picture! Can't wait to fill one up and gift it. Thank you and I am in the middle of my second order now.

I want to give you guys a big hug and a sweet kiss for your good service. My order reached my very soon and very smoothly. I agree with other customers who have mentioned about the quality of your items. It is really worthwhile to buy from this website. I will buy something from here again.

This cupcake box was really transparent as you said and i have ordered 12 boxes, with these boxes, i can show my cooking skills now

Looks plain but very useful! I hesitated to choose it when I was placing the order. But finally I decided to go with this model. It is plain in look but I will put beautiful and delicious cupcakes in them^_^

The mail man did the delivery today and i have to tell you that i am satisfied with the cupcake boxes.I was really worried that how you guys delivered the boxes since they are really fragil.But luckily they came in good condition due to your careful package.Very thoughtful.THANK YOU.

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