Guest’ Guide: What to Wear on an Engagement Party

Engagement Party

An engagement party is a gathering of your family and friends. You celebrate love and happiness. There are certain rules you need to follow before and during the engagement party. We got you covered for all your questions. Ever wondered what not to wear to an engagement party? You will find out soon.

What Happens at an Engagement Party – Time, Location and Progress

Not sure who throws the engagement party? Where, when, or how to organize it? You are not alone, these are some of the most asked questions. We have covered the most important things about the engagement party and what actually happens during it.

When Should You Throw an Engagement Party?

The engagement party should be thrown quickly after your engagement. The news still should be fresh, so make sure you do it in time. One to three months is the usual time frame. Some couples even decide to announce their engagement during the party, while others simply want to bring family and friends together.

Where to Organize an Engagement Party?

The venue is completely optional. Depending on your guest number and the atmosphere you are trying to make you can pick anything from a garden to a fancy ballroom.

If you would like your party to be informal, pick a garden, backyard or a pub where your guests will casually enjoy good food, music, and even better company. On the other hand, having a party at the restaurant or some big ballroom is reserved for those couples that want something more formal. If you pick a ballroom, make sure you have enough guests for it.

Beautiful Engagement Party Place

What to Do at an Engagement Party?

The engagement party isn’t gift-centered like a bridal shower. This is a perfect occasion for bringing your friends and family together, eat, drink, and have a great time. According to tradition, the bride’s parents should organize the party. However, nowadays it is not obligatory, so you can find examples where friends or family members have organized the party as well.

You can expect many toasts, even though they are not a necessary part of the engagement party. Some of the couple’s parents might want to say an informal word or two about the couple, and it usually lasts short.

Kinds Of Cakes

As the party continues you can arrange engagement party games. Bingo, lawn games for outdoor parties, as well as fun DIY stations, will keep your guests entertained and happy.

Engagement Party Dress Codes

If you ever wondered what you can wear to an engagement party, our mini-guide will definitely help you choose the right outfit.

Don’t Wear White

“Whatever you do, don’t wear white” – you can hear this sentence from all fashion stylists. This rule applies to any kind of engagement party. Wearing white can shows off as a sign of disrespect for the bride. She is likely to wear white, so you certainly don’t want to be matchy with her. Also, stay away from other popular bridal colors like champagne or blush pink.

Venue and Style

Even if the venue of an engagement party is a backyard of the house, this doesn’t mean you should dress like you do every day. Dressing accordingly will show some respect for the couple.

Girls in Trendy Dresses

Time of the Day and Style

Whether you are invited to the engagement party in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening, this will definitely determine the style you are about to wear. While daytime events tend to be less formal, you should definitely consider something more elegant for the night parties.

Don’t Underdress

Don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t like to see at your engagement party. So, nothing super short, transparent, or too flashy shouldn’t be your choice for the party. If you are thinking about two options, then always choose the dressier one.

Match with the Theme

If you got the invitation where the theme of the party is mentioned, then you should match your outfit according to it. Theme-attired parties are popular nowadays since Instagram photos will be so much better. Some couples would appreciate the effort.

Sometimes, themes are simply seasonal, so you should keep in mind what time of the year is when you pick your party outfit.

Keep it Low with Outfits

The engagement party is not a place for bold outfits and statement accessories. It should be all about the couple, so make sure you keep your outfits low-key. Elegance is always welcome, just don’t overdo it with details and don’t experiment.

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas for Guests

If you are lacking ideas on what to wear for the engagement party that is just around the corner, we have some dresses to show you.

Outdoor Party

Nice weather and the outdoor party is a great opportunity to show off flowy dresses. We recommend choosing a mint halter neckline dress for summer and outdoor engagement party. The color is modern, while the style of the dress is appropriate and so chic.

A-Line Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle
ID: 233652

Day and Night Parties

You should pick different styles for day and night engagement parties. Pick something casual for the day, like this classy and chic strappy dress, and make it elegant with this asymmetric cut dress in gorgeous grey shade.

ID: 221220, 144732

Winter Party

For winter engagement parties pick something in jewel shades. This elegant grey A-line dress would be perfect for colder months and indoor parties.

A-Line Scoop Neck Tea-Length Chiffon Cocktail Dress With Bow(s)
ID: 230358

Themed Engagement Party

If the theme of the engagement party is vintage dress code, then you should rock this gorgeous sequined dress that reminds us of the Great Gatsby era. 

Sheath/Column One-Shoulder Knee-Length Sequined Cocktail Dress
ID: 150184

Look Great and Have Fun at the Party

After all, the most important thing about engagement parties is having a good time. Always dress into something that makes you feel good and don’t forget the dress code. Make sure to know the details about the venue and time, so you can dress accordingly. Remember, never wear white, and make sure your outfits are not too flashy.

In the end, don’t forget to have fun at the engagement party! If you are close friends with the couple, surprise them with a little speech and toast.

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